About my website

This website is part of my personal quest to understand how to become a real human being and I now think Einstein summed it up correctly, “As a solitary being” we want to survive, satisfy our personal desires and develop our innate capabilities and to protect those close to us. As “social beings” we are able to broaden our horizons and include other fellow human beings, share in their sorrows and pleasures and to improve their conditions of life. The existence of these varied, frequently conflicting strivings, accounts for the special character of an individual, and “their specific combination determines the extent to which an individual can achieve an inner equilibrium and to contribute to the well-being of society. ”Out of my later years” (p.125) 


“There are some who assume responsibility for making decisions for others and determining their relationship with God and the world, and there are others, the overwhelming majority, who give this authority to others and blindly believe everything that they are told. Both groups commit an equal crime.”  – Tolstoy


“Human maturity is a very personal outcome of curiosity, learning, reason, character and kindness which are all precursors to our personal level of wisdom and spiritual development.”
-Albie Gibson


The Logo tries to summarise most of the important philosophical and religious systems in my view and is an effort to symbolise that any meaningful life must be based on Civil Order and that Knowledge, Reason and Kindness pave the way to Wisdom and to the domain of the so called unknowable through Intuitive Spirituality that can be realised as we develop the proverbial Image of God within.

albie2The owner of this website is Albie Gibson who is a businessman and lecturer in Life Skills who started his academic career as an Electrical Engineer and also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Systematic Theology. His own search for meaning took him through the philosophies and religious systems of most of the important traditions as can be read in the texts on this website.

We can learn from all human beings as we are all related to the proverbial Adam but we must eventually develop our own authentic spirituality based on our unique genetic and experiential makeup. Albie admits that he developed over time, a personal affinity and intuitive recognition of truths in the life and spiritual teaching of Jesus.

However, if one excludes rigid dogmas and religious lore of Institutions, many spiritual pilgrims admit that the teachings of different religions’ founding sages are not so antagonistic to each other as the religious institutions want to claim.

The Process that we advocate here is based on Personal Development in a Balanced and Integrated way with a heavy reliance on Open-minded Learning and Contemplation.